I despise crossposting fanfiction.

It’s just an unstoppable ride on the struggle bus. 

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Hm, if I want to hit up my local comic book store for Batman day, I got to get up early so I can make it before I work.

The things I do for you, Brucie. The things I do. 

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Follow Your Dreams!

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Look, I get it if you’re upset that Supernatural wasn’t nominated for best fandom. That’s fine.

But do you guys have to poop all over the Batfandom to do it? We exist guys. There’s the movie fans, the animated series fans, the batfam fans, the comics fans, the adam west fans, and ect.

Do I think we belong in the contest? Ehh (to be fair, I think the contest is like judging which bag of trash smells the least repulsive) But be nice. 

I’m overreacting, but I left a big fandom to come to this tiny one, and I hate this attitude of “we’re better”

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That’s Alright: Laura Mvula

Everything Will Be Alright: The Killers

Anything Could Happen: Ellie Goulding

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Only if I get to constantly save you from evil and then you make a speech about the importance of maidens and their friendships.

As long as I get to throw roses, and save myself on occasion, I’m in. 

Who wants to be a Sailor Scout?

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Well now we’ve reached the end of fluff week. We got a lot of great entries, and I’m going to wrap them up in a masterpost tomorrow so we can vote.

I’m sorry I didn’t participate as much this round, guys. Real life came up and hit me in the face. Lovingly, of course, but I still feel kinda bad about letting this event sort of slip. Thanks to all who participated! 

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Watching Sailor Moon makes me want to be a Sailor Scout in some aspects, but I couldn’t wear the uniform. It isn’t for me.

Can I be Tuxedo Mask instead?

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When I learned that most people don’t receive a “if you’re a lesbian it’s okay” speech on a yearly basis growing up, my world view took a sudden turn.

In short, if I told my Mom I’m bi, I’d put good money that’d she shout “I KNEW IT” and then go collect her bets or something.

Except she’d be half right so ha, I win.

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