Bruce isn’t Dad of the year by any means, but if there’s one thing I think he’d be good at, it’d be accepting any of his children coming out as LGBTA.

Like don’t get me wrong: his original reaction might be confusion because he didn’t see it coming, or just be relaxed because he did, but after that finding out and saying “it’s fine” he would just pull up all the research to be the best support system possible.

He’s Batman- he’s not gonna half ass this shit.

Bruce making sure to keep track of all hate crime in the city (not that he wasn’t already though). Bruce making sure not to intimidate the first boy Jason brings over because he doesn’t want this kid to feel unwelcome. Bruce asking Trans!Tim about his pronouns, and offering to help with the cost of new clothes if he isn’t ready to come out to his Dad yet. Bruce telling Damian that being ace is fine and offering to introduce him to someone on the league who is ace as well. Bruce telling Harper that her girlfriend can stay at the manor until she gets a better place to stay.

Good dad Bruce.

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interviewer: what would you say is your greatest strength?

me: perseverance. i stuck with dc through the new 52

interviewer: and your greatest weakness?

me: perseverance. i stuck with dc through the new 52

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NaNo Prep



Happy October everyone.

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Guys. Guys. Guys.

I turn 20 this month.

I’m going to be 20.


how do I adult

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Guys, I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna walk to the nearest comic book store, forgo all sense of “you have homework”, walk at least a mile, so I can buy Gotham Academy and rub my face on sweet, sweet diverse reading. 

(I’m also picking up Loki, Ms. Marvel, Grayson, maybe an issue of Eternal, and some other shit, but that’s besides the point)

DC, for once, you done good. 

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Speaking of Cass, I bet a picture shows up in a trashy Gotham blog of Tim singing karaoke shirtless with a pair of superman boxers over his jeans.

And Bruce is just so confused because Tim is many things, but a wild partier he is not. He’ll his idea of a wild knight is board games, warcraft, and maybe some crime fighting. And he freaks for a second because something must be horribly, horribly wrong for Tim to be acting like this, and maybe something-

And then he notices it. Someone at the table to the left, grinning like Christmas came early. And he recognizes that shit eating grin even in the bad club lighting.

Cass is no longer allowed to take Tim to venues that serve alcohol.

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Let’s be real here: Cass really wants tattoos. 

Not total ink or anything, but a couple. She thinks they’re pretty and serve as nice reminders of how far she’s come. But she knows getting some will kill her secret ID (and she is so very glad she never stumbled upon the concept of ink in her younger years, because she wouldn’t have given a damn) so instead, so orders a bunch of custom temp ones and wears them on occasion.

The most common ones she pastes on are as follows: a bat, a cardinal, and a purple smily face. 

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That Cass fic is just staring at me from my word doc.

"Write me" it says

"But I has essays" I reply

"Write me"

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meanwhile, this week on gotham 

#darkness #no paRENTS



meanwhile, this week on gotham 

#darkness #no paRENTS

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Batman getting thrown under the bus by every single member of the Justice League

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